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Personalized t-shirt printing

5280 Custom Apparel was established as an online t shirt printing business to help bridge the gap between traditional print shops and automated online marketplaces. Not only do we print one-off personalised t-shirts for individuals, we also cater for brand owners. If you are wanting hundreds of custom t-shirts, it’s no problem. We produce all t-shirts in-house , we do not outsource our printing to any third party.


Maybe you’re an artist that would like to have your artwork featured on your very own t-shirts? Look no further! We can print individual designs on various garments in various sizes. Simply choose your t-shirt, design your t shirt online and add it to the cart. It’s really that easy!

We can print onto white & various coloured garments, even dark garment using a special white ink under-base. This is all done in a single process to ensure registration between colours is perfect.

Brand Owners

Brand owners, look no further. Here we create personalised shirts at great rates enabling you to sell them on at retail value, making a profit. We have worked individually with businesses to help them achieve their goals. We have created some bulk saving business brand packages to help you achieve your targets. Printed t-shirts are the staple of our business, however we provide printing on other garments also.

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