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Life is full of moments that can become precious gems, and our highly trained photographers know just how to find them. By getting to know your family’s personality first, we’re able to create a friendly, familiar setting that immediately puts you at ease. The result? High-quality portraits delivered to you within an hour with no session fees, all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Snap Shots Photography, we offer more than professional photography. Our portrait studio captures the moments your family will cherish for years to come. Our professional photographers know exactly how to bring out the unique personalities of each individual, creating a photographic record that can be shared and displayed. Snap Shots Photography does more than take photographs; we make memories that last a lifetime.
James Rowe- Photographer / Founding Owner

Anyone can take a photo, but nearly capturing a moment in time requires something truly exceptional.

James has been capturing very special events and moments for over two decades, and prides himself in his hard sought ability to snap a photograph that captures a second for a lifetime.


From the minute he arrives, James’s enthusiasm and professionalism is evident. James is able to bring life to the party without stealing the spotlight, and somehow find a way to make everyone look their best.

Maybe James is just what you need to preserve your very special memories in a timeless photograph collection that is truly one of a kind.

Assyri Demmera - Makeup Artist / Graphic Designer / Operations Manager

I love art in general, and making up faces has been a great way for me to utilize my creativity. Color theory is very important when it comes to makeup, as well as knowing how to play with the balance of light and shadow, highlights and contours etc. It's all applicable to the face & every client that I work on provides me with a new "canvas."


One of the greatest rewards as a makeup artist has been witnessing the impact that I have had on many of my clients, and the repeat customer loyalty that has developed with them as a result. To date, word of mouth referrals have been my greatest advertisement. That is always very exciting. It validates that the customer was happy with the work that I did for them. It also shows that they trust me to take care of the person they are referring as well.

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2340 Monaco Pkwy

Denver, CO 80207

Tel: 720-495-8150

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